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Originally released on Grass Records in 1995, Pollen’s second full-length album, Crescent, is finally making its debut on vinyl, out via Double Helix Records.

Produced by Stephen Egerton (ALL, DESCENDENTS, FLAG) and Bob Hoag (THE FORMAT, DEAR AND THE HEADLIGHTS, THE ATARIS), the original CD sounded fairly lo-fi, thanks to a mastering mistake. 

Jason Livermore (THE BLASTING ROOM) and Bob Hoag have meticulously remastered Crescent from the original mixes, finally bringing some never-before-heard clarity, power, and fidelity to this little-heard sophomore effort.

Vinyl hand-pressed in the USA by Burlington Record Plant in Burlington, Vermont.

Every copy includes a photocopied handwritten note from Bob Hoag.

Available on Vinyl LP in three colorways:

  • Mutant Swirl (signed by all 5 band members, limited edition of 5, online exclusive)
  • Purple Flower (signed by all 5 band members, limited edition of 25, online exclusive)
  • Leaf Green (limited edition of 300)

Purchase options:

  • Test pressing, in custom holographic jacket AND standard sleeve and insert, signed by all 5 band members* - $75 (only 5 available *online exclusive*)
  • Mutant Swirl, signed by all 5 band members* - $40 (only 5 available)
  • Purple Flower, signed by all 5 band members* - $30 (only 25 available)
  • Leaf Green, signed by all 5 band members* - $30 (only 4 available)
  • Leaf Green (limited edition of 300) - $25 

*Note: Signed jackets may have some very minor wear and tear from five lunkheads like us handling them to sign them. So any minor imperfections were personally added by an actual band member!  Enjoy.


Crescent Track Listing:

  1. Freshly Broken
  2. Foliage
  3. Happy Hands
  4. Bus
  5. Crystal Clear
  6. Wishbone
  7. Toaster
  8. Relics
  9. Vanilla
  10. Elsewhere
  11. Butterworth
  12. Away
  13. Bicycle