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Aztec Sun - black


Product Description

Black unisex tee depicting the classic Aztec sun motif on front and Tzotzoma skull and bones on the back, both in gold

In Aztec belief, the current sun, Tonatiuh, is the fifth in a series of creations. After the end of the fourth sun, the Gods gathered at Teotihuacan. There, through their own sacrifice, they created and animated the fifth sun. Taken from a carving found in Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital and modern Mexico City, this design shows the emergence of the fifth sun from the mouth of a fire serpent and the center of the day sign of its birth, 4 Movement. The day signs of the births of the previous suns are also shown - 4 Jaguar, 4 Wind, 4 Rain, and 4 Water.