68 Zombie

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'68 Volume 1: Better Run Through the Jungle TPB

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There are zombies in the razorwire. Welcome to 1968...and the end of the
world. From the steaming jungles of Viet Nam to the brightly lit campus of
demonstration-torn Berkeley, California, ravenous hordes of unstoppable
ghouls are changing the face of the Age of Aquarius.

Collected for the first time, this 178-page trade paperback re-presents the
first four-issue story arc from the '68 ongoing series, along with the
re-colored and re-lettered original one-shot from 2006! Plus, creators MARK
KIDWELL, NAT JONES and JAY FOTOS have included tons of behind-the-scenes
extras to make this a must-have for zombie and horror fans everywhere!

Collects '68 #1-4, plus the 2006 '68 one-shot